Premium financing with no extra hassle

Turn the traditional headache of getting third party financing options into an afterthought with premium financing integrated right into checkout - all without any extra work.

E-Sign PFA

Customers can review and sign their premium finance agreement with a single click - saving you the hassle of getting signatures.

One less step

Eliminate the additional steps with your financing company with a simple click to view and sign process

Upfront loan terms

Customers are presented with their upcoming payment amounts and pay schedules to easily understand the financing terms

Default auto-pay

Insureds are opted into auto-pay so you don’t have to chase down future payments.

Reduce notice of cancellations

Your customers can set their payment method for all upcoming invoices so they can set and forget - automatically paying invoices on time and staying insured

Flexible loan terms

Adjust the downpayment, interest rate, and pay-schedule all within the Ascend dashboard.

Increased conversion rates

Make it easier for your customers to opt into financing by meeting the needs of each of your customer’s financing needs.

No additional approval processes

For most loan term changes, there’s no additional back and forth - simply select the terms and Ascend will generate the new financing agreement.

Payment reminders

Automatically remind insureds via email of upcoming payments to reduce lapses in coverage.

Effective notifications

Ascend's built in email reminders notifies customers of upcoming or overdue payments - reducing cancellations by up to 95%.

Payment updates for agents

Stay in the loop when insureds make or miss payments so you know exactly what's going on with your customers and when you need to get involved.

Take rates

Set your own additional financing points to generate additional revenue from financed policies.

Increase revenue

Adjust take rates based on premium bands all within the Ascend dashboard as an additional revenue stream for your business.