Hassle-free premium financing

Easily offer pay-in-full and financing options - all without chasing down signatures, down payments, or PFAs.

More revenue with less paperwork

Offer financing options for policies big and small without extra hassle


Reduce non-pay cancelations by 95%


Save 50% of your team’s time chasing
down missed payments


Increase premium financing revenue by 10%

Premium financing
made easy

Pay in full or financing options in one checkout screen
E-sign financing agreements with a click of a button
Adjust loan terms (downpayment, pay schedule, etc) all without having to pick up the phone

Spend less time
chasing payments

Autopay opted-in to make future installments effortless
Automatic reminders and payment statuses let you stay on top of customers’ upcoming payments
Self-serve customer portal to manage invoices, upcoming payments

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What our customers say about us

I used to spend SO much time, maybe 50% of my work day or more, on agency bill.

Between tracking down unpaid installments, down payments, unpaid bills that accounting emails me to check on, etc.

When we started using Ascend, I got back to helping my customers, and now I love my job even more!

Brittany Ratke
Senior Client Advocate

The portal is streamlined, user-friendly, and clearly outlines all finance options.

When we had issues, the Ascend Support Team has been very responsive and helpful.

Lindsey Lessard
Director of Client Services

Ascend is a game changer for us! It’s made our accounts receivable process more efficient while giving our clients the best experience.

We can now bind policies and collect premium quickly while providing our clients with flexible options for paying their premiums.

I don’t know how we functioned without it.

David Foster

Ascend is built for you

A single solution to help all members of your organization simplify billing, premium financing and carrier payable workflows for agencies of all sizes.

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