Agency bill doesn’t need to be complicated

From billing to premium financing to distribution of commissions and carrier payables - we simplify it all.
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Increase agency revenue

Faster sales cycles, higher conversion rates by offering payment flexibility, and increased profit from additional financed policies.

Stop wasting time chasing payments

Automatically remind and track the status of all upcoming payments - saving time wasted on unpaid invoices and reducing cancelations by up to 95%.

Improve your customer experience

Own the entire customer checkout experience and easily offer premium financing without any of extra back and forth work.

Reduce billing expenses

Run an agency, not a billing center. Make reconciliation and carrier payables stress-free for your business.

Ascend is a game changer for us! It’s made our accounts receivable process more efficient while giving our clients the best experience. We can now bind policies and collect premium quickly while providing our clients with flexible options for paying their premiums. I don’t know how we functioned without it.

David Foster
President, Three Arbor Insurance

I used to spend SO much time, maybe 50% of my work day or more, on agency bill. Between tracking down unpaid installments, down payments, unpaid bills that accounting emails me to check on, etc. When we started using Ascend, I got back to helping my customers, and I love my job again.

Brittany Ratke
Senior Client Advocate, Christensen Group Insurance

Ascend gives me and my team unparalleled visibility into the dollars flowing in and out of our agency, making our revenue easier to manage and more accurate.

Chris Paradiso
Owner, Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services

I've been in insurance for a long time--and this is the fastest, most effective system I've ever seen for dealing with payments, premium finance, and handling payables.

Benjamin Elguea
Commercial Account Manager, My Insurance Group

Ascend's seamless online checkout, handling of agency bill transactions and customized reminders will save agents countless hours. I love working with your team!

Daniela Acosta-Levin
Agency Owner, The Levin Insurance Group
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For agency principals

Increase profitability

Ascend increases purchase conversion rates, premium finance revenue share, and decreases policy cancellations by up to 95% due to non-pay.

Decrease operational overhead

Cut down on over half the time your servicing team currently spends dealing with invoicing and financing and spend more time growing revenue.


Faster sale cycle

Ascend’s modern checkout experience with both pay in full and premium financing options built-in helps customers pay how they want and when they want.

Deliver the best customer experience

Provide a modern digital purchase experience that your customers expect and love.

For account managers

Reduce missed payments

Payment reminders, monthly autopay, and missed payment notifications let you spend less time on payments and more time doing what you love: helping customers.

Cut down on the back and forth

Easily create a single payment link for both pay in full or premium financing all within your AMS.

For accountants

Automated carrier payables

No longer have to deal with paying carriers for premium financed policies.

Full visibility

All your agency bill payments are in one place to easily see when carriers are paid and your agency’s total commissions

Ascend adds end-to-end value for the entire payments process


Single checkout flow

Whether your customer is paying in full, premium financing, or paying a one-off fee, use Ascend to handle all your payment collections

Payments portal

Reduce time answering payment questions with a self-serve portal for customers to handle their payments

Automated payment reminders

Account managers / servicing teams save time previously wasted on chasing unpaid invoices with Ascend’s automated email reminders.

Premium financing

Flexible loan terms

Adjust financing loan terms for your customer’s needs directly from the dashboard

E-Sign  premium finance agreement

Reduce the back and forth work by allowing insureds to sign their PFA electronically

Default autopay

Reduce cancelations and non-pays by automatically opting customers into autopay

Accounting and payables

Full visibility

One dashboard to manage and view all your policy details, their funding statuses, and any policies that need payment actions.

Access to all your data

Download and export all of your policy information to easily connect with other accounting tools like Quickbooks, etc.

Automated payables

Commissions are split automatically and paid out within 72 hours of financed policies

Instant commissions

For financed policies, carrier payables are automatically split from commissions so you no longer have to distribute funds to carriers


AMS integrations

Connect Ascend with your agency management system to easily generate payment links and receive payment status notifications directly in your AMS

Open APIs

Build your own custom payments experience - all while having Ascend handle your billing and financing workflows.

Ascend is built for you

A single solution to help all members of your organization simplify billing, premium financing and carrier payable workflows for agencies of all sizes.

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