What's your operational cost of agency bill?

$742 / mo.

Automate your agency bill process today and save.

What's your operational cost of agency bill?

Number of agency billed policies per month:
Number of  account managers at your agency:
Front office hours spent invoicing, procuring PFAs, chasing down missing funds  (per week):
Number of bookkeepers / accountants:
Back office hours spent handling payables, commissions, reconciliation (per week):
Average employee yearly salary:
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Costs of legacy agency bill workflows

Operationally expensive

CSRs can spend up to 50% of their day
chasing down payments

Poor experience

Insureds and teams have little visibility
into payment statuses

Inefficient and slow

Late payments, back and forth for invoicing/financing, time spent dealing with month-end reconciliation

Startsure saved over 20+ hours a month on accounting and payment operations.

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