The easiest way to collect payments

Stop wasting your time on payments with all the back and forth between you, your customer, and your financing provider. Let your insureds decide how they want to pay with a single online checkout experience.

Plus, easily manage future payments, endorsements, cancellations, and refunds.

Digital payments

Customers are used to buying everything online - meet their expectations with a fully modern digital checkout experience.

No more checks

Email or text checkout links with ACH, Credit/Debit, and wire payment options - meaning faster payments and less mail to open

Competitive transaction fees

3.50% + 30c per credit card transaction, 0.8% up to $5 per ACH transaction, and $8 per wire transaction

Single checkout flow

Eliminate all your pre-payment tasks (getting third party financing, negotiating rates, etc) into one simple workflow for all policies.

One payment link

No more asking how customers want to pay - offer pay in full and financing options with a single link and let them decide

Multiple policies in one

Pay for multiple policies with one link - similar to any online shopping cart experience

Customer portal

Provide a dedicated portal for customers to easily view and manage their payments.

Reduce time servicing accounts

Customers can help themselves from the portal, reducing time you spend answering simple payment questions

Unique Shareable URL

Dedicated URL for your organization that you can share how you want (email signature, embedded on your website, etc.).

Endorsements, cancellations, refunds

Process all your policy changes in our dashboard to see one complete view of any outstanding payments or refunds.

Easy as 1,2,3

Make changes to or cancel existing policies with just a few simple steps - all in the dashboard

Automated refunds

For outstanding balances due to a cancellation, automatically refund them back to your customer’s account

One-off invoices

Any additional costs incurred that need to be billed to customers like audits, fees, switching financing companies, etc. can easily be collected through the Ascend platform.