Marquee Insurance Group (MIG) boosted team efficiency, decreasing NOCs by 80%

80% Decrease

In Notice of Cancellations sent out due to non-pay

Saved Hours a Week

Managing back office accounting processes across billing, carrier payables, trust accounting, and reconciliations

Increased team efficiency

By focusing more time on new business and renewals as well as best-in-class servicing experience

About Marquee Insurance Group

Since being founded in 2014, Marquee Insurance Group (MIG) has established itself as a powerhouse in the trucking insurance industry, expanding operations into multiple locations nationwide.

With 100+ years collective experience within the transportation & risk management industry, MIG is positioned to help guide growing trucking companies through various safety and loss prevention measures and risk mitigation techniques.

Roswell, GA


MIG recognized they had bottlenecks in their accounting and financing processes working with their current payments and financing partners.

They wanted to find a solution that could holistically improve back office processes and decrease the amount of time the team was spending on billing, collections, and accounting.

Ascend impressed us because it was not just another premium financing company but a finance automation platform that empowered our entire team to be more productive.

Nate Marquardt

Vice President of Corporate Strategy


Ascend was used to consolidate all their payments and accounting processes onto one platform.

From the collection of premiums to the disbursements of carrier payables and commissions back to MIG, Ascend now served as the control center of all incoming and outgoing payments, automating many of the repetitive tasks previously burdening the team.


By simplifying the customer experience when invoicing and premium financing, MIG saw cancellations decrease by 80% due to an increase in auto-pay enrollment as well as more on-time payments due to personalized payment reminders automatically sent to clients.

On top of that, the MIG team was able to spend  fewer hours managing back office accounting processes across billing, carrier payables, trust accounting, and reconciliations.

This allowed the team at MIG to spend less time chasing down payments and more time focused on new business and renewals. This increased team efficiency let MIG do more with the team they had, improving their financial and operational performance.

The decrease in cancellations has been huge for our agency. We no longer need our team to spend countless hours chasing down missing payments from insureds to prevent NOCs.

Nate Marquardt

Vice President of Corporate Strategy