2022 Q2 Tech Recap

Policies come in all shapes and sizes and we worked hard this quarter to add additional features so Ascend can support all types of policies for our agents.

A quick recap of how our quarter went:

  • we brought in over 100+ new customers last quarter
  • revenue doubled Q/Q
  • launched over 30+ new features on the platform

Here are our agent’s favorite features that were focused on providing flexibility to meet their ever changing needs.


We launched the ability to add endorsements to existing policies right in our dashboard. Endorsements utilize the payments flow our agents and their customers love so customers can decide if they want to pay in full or finance the endorsement without having agents involved.

50 day premium financing

Delays happens and sometimes customers miss that initial payment window for premium financing. We expanded the window so customers can now finance their policies up to 50 days after the policy start date, we just bundle the first month’s invoice into the downpayment.

Lower adjustments

Our default 20% downpayment typically works for most customers but sometimes we know agents need to adjust the downpayment for specific policy types. We’ve now set up the process to request a decrease to the downpayment percentage based on the policy needs.

Refunds / Cancelations

We’ve now made it even easier to process cancelations and refunds for policies with Ascend. Paid in full cancelations can be refunded directly back to the customer’s original payment method and financed cancelations are handled end-to-end by Ascend so agents just need to cancel via our dashboard and we’ll do the rest.

Those were some of our agents' top requested features but we also shipped:

  • A Reports tab to help agents download and filter their data for reconciliation
  • Reduced premium financing minimum to $250
  • Ability to finance more policy types like Worker's Comp, etc.
  • In-product onboarding for agents who want to get started right away on their own
  • Improvements in our dashboard and checkout to provide clarity around status of programs
  • Our support center to help agents solve their issues even quicker

What’s up next?

We’re working on AMS integrations next so stay on the lookout to see how your current agency tools will be even better connected with Ascend to improve your payments process.

If you haven't signed up for Ascend yet and are interested, get started today!