Three Arbor Insurance increased EBITDA by 4% with financial operations automation

20% Increase in Time Savings

By eliminating the repetitive and administrative tasks that occur post policy placement

Improved Revenue per Employee

Due to CSRs spending less time on operations tasks and more time on renewals and new business

4% Y/Y EBITDA Increase

By improving margins with the increase in revenue per employee and decreased operational expenses

About Three Arbor Insurance

With offices in Alabama and Georgia, Three Arbor Insurance brings over 50 years of experience to offer specialized solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries.

With today’s ever-changing environment, Three Arbor Insurance is focused on thoroughly assessing business situations to develop a creative, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution for its customers.

Birmingham, AL


Three Arbor Insurance was faced with a dilemma: as production grew, the amount of billing and accounting operations grew exponentially, consuming more time and resources, taking away time focused on new business, servicing existing customers and working on upcoming renewals.

I could solve the problem in one of two ways: either hire more operations-focused employees, increasing the costs to run the agency, or find a solution that helped me get more out of the team I had today.

David Foster



Three Arbor Insurance partnered with Ascend to streamline accounts receivables and accounts payable processes.

Ascend is now the control center that facilitates all invoicing (financed or paid in full) as well as commissions and carrier payables.

The Three Arbor Insurance team now  has a single source for real-time statuses for all incoming and outgoing payments for their agency billed policies.


With the AMS360 integration, the servicing team was able to import customer and policy details directly into Ascend. From there, they were able to create a single invoice link to clients and automatically track the status of pending payments and outgoing carrier payables.

Previously, it was estimated that account managers were spending more than 20% of their time just chasing down missing payments, negotiating  premium finance agreements, and ensuring carrier payments went out on time to prevent NOCs.

Ascend has streamlined the payments process between account managers and accounting by providing a real-time dashboard that proactively tracks and notifies the team on all payment status updates as well as simplifies many of the manual back and forth billing and collections tasks.

This increased efficiency has helped us increase our bottom line and achieve our agency’s financial goals.

David Foster