Streamlines payments and accounting, improving efficiency by 25%

Increased efficiency by 25%

By streamlining AR/AP processes

Improved security process

When handling client payment information

Saved 2+ hours a day

Per billing associate from having to monitor and track payments from insureds and payables to carriers


INSURICA is a privately held business comprised of retail insurance agencies,program administrators, and risk pool managers that specialize in core industries and business disciplines and share their expertise with the entire group.

From construction to healthcare, energy to education and beyond, INSURICA’s industry-specific knowledge and extensive experience gives the company valuable insight into its clients’ unique and often-challenging needs.

Oklahoma City, OK
Applied Epic


INSURICA Direct, the digital division of INSURICA inc., sought a better way to streamline payment options for agency bill policies post placement creating a more efficient and compliant experience.

The existing workflow was slow and cumbersome – causing a lot of extra work for the team and poor experience for clients.

We are constantly looking to improve the way we do business and optimizing our agency bill process would improve both our operational efficiency and elevate the client experience.

Kylie Hubbard

Director of Innovation


Ascend was implemented to streamline agency bill premium collections for INSURICA Direct – allowing for a single workflow for a client’s chosen payment method (credit card, ACH, or premium financing).

Ascend was also responsible for managing the distribution of carrier payables once funds were collected.

The INSURICA Direct team now has a unified workflow, accelerating the speed at which INSURICA Direct can bind policies and collect premiums for agency bill policies.


Previously, teams had to collect the customer’s information, run the payment (CC or ACH), wait for funds to be applied, request insurance policy binding from the carrier, and then send the invoice to the accounting department.

Following review, the OKC accounting department would then issue payment to the carrier. Now, Ascend automates the end-to-end payments lifecycle from collecting premiums per a client’s payment preference, provides the approval workflows to automatically fund payments to carriers, and distribute the remaining commission portion to INSURICA Direct when payments are collected.

With Ascend, INSURICA Direct can have a fast turnaround between customer payment to carrier funding and commission payouts. This hands-off process reduces the time spent on administrative operations while providing a best-in-class experience for their clients while bringing additional security to the payment process.

Ascend saves me a couple hours every day! I love having the transparency of when carriers are paid, and the results have been wonderful.

Kari Shobert

Billing Associate