Top Insurance Podcasts To Follow

Insurance is a constantly changing space where independent agents often not only need to juggle the responsibilities of being business owners and insurance agents but also the ability to look ahead at where the markets, our society, and the country see growing opportunity and risk. Here’s some of our favorite podcasts to help agents get ahead of the game:

Insurance Guys Podcast

Insurance Guys is cohosted by Scott Howell, owner of Scott Howell & Associates, and Bradley Flowers, owner of Portal Insurance, both based out of Alabama. They share real life stories of all the good, bad, and ugly aspects of running a successful insurance agency.

Agency Freedom

Join James Jenkins, CEO of Riskwell Insurance, as he digs into twelve areas (operational, social, technological, contractual, physical, innovational, financial/accounting, environmental, legal, regulatory, internal, and moral) that captive agents making the transition over to independent should be aware of to balance the pros and cons as they make, what he calls, “the freedom jump.”

The Ryan Hanley Show

Founder of RogueRisk out in New York, Ryan Hanley’s podcast is a ride along into his never-ending quest to find the answers to: “How do we do this better?”.  It’s an insightful look into how he and his peers think about where the insurance industry is going and how they stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape.

Agency Intelligence

A collection of some of the best episodes for agents by agents, Agency Intelligence Podcast Network is run by Jason Cass, co-owner of The Insurance Alliance based in Illinois. The network catalogs a wide range of content, highlighting many of the thought leaders in the industry.

Fix My Insurance Agency

Billy Williams, CEO of Williams Family Investment Group - a group of over 160 partner insurance agencies, takes a no fluff “how-to” approach to discussing the real problems that agencies face with real solutions that he and guests have actually implemented that have worked for their businesses.