Steward Risk Launches Automated Financial Operations Integration with Ascend and Veruna

San Francisco, CA - September 12, 2023Steward Risk, established in 2022  to serve the unique needs of middle-market clients in the construction, energy, manufacturing, and real estate industries has launched an automated financial operations solution by integrating with Ascend, the industry-leading financial operations automation platform and Veruna, a leading innovator in insurance agency management systems (AMS).

Ascend’s integration into Veruna enables Steward Risk to unlock an end-to-end solution to automate the entire financial operations workflow from invoicing, premium financing, to carrier payables while providing a seamless experience for both customers and team members, achieving a best-in-class experience with increased operational efficiency. 

“Ascend’s integration into Veruna combined with its automation technology not only further enhances our AMS effectiveness, but also allows our team to spend more time with clients with the elimination of all the administrative financial tasks associated with agency bill,” said Daniel Carlisle, Managing Partner of Steward Risk. “We were able to realize improvements in our bottom line instantly after seeing the huge leaps in efficiency post-integration.”

Ascend enables brokerages to automate accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) responsibilities associated with agency billed policies. From invoicing to premium financing to carrier payables, Ascend provides a seamless experience where brokers are able to sell policies and collect commissions, while Ascend manages all the back office tasks of collecting premiums (whether pay-in-full or financed), withholding commissions, and funding carriers. 

"Steward Risk showcases how agencies can best leverage technology to improve their operations,” said Andrew Wynn, Co-CEO of Ascend. “They are paving the way forward on how future agencies capitalize on the gains that process automation and integration provide for their business.”

About Ascend 

Ascend is the industry-leading provider of financial operations automation software, dedicated to modernizing the insurance industry's financial infrastructure. Ascend is the only solution designed to enhance agency management systems by streamlining the insurance life cycle for agency bill processes. By eliminating manual back office accounting tasks, improving cash collection cycles, and providing a best-in-class customer experience, Ascend significantly increases the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of agencies and brokerages. To learn more about how Ascend can transform your business, please visit

About Steward Risk

Steward Risk is a modern insurance brokerage, bringing the combination of best-in-class talent, technology and independence to drive a better client experience. Established in 2022 by industry veterans with decades of experience across brokerage, wholesale, and carrier operations, Steward Risk is built to serve the unique needs of middle-market clients in the construction, energy, manufacturing, and real estate industries.


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