Using endorsements to unlock, not block, business

Endorsements are an overlooked touchpoint in the agent / insured relationship to turn what can be a tedious experience into a positive one for both parties.

On the insured side, a change in coverage typically means an adjustment to the original plan for a business, good or bad. Increasing or reducing their insurance policy is probably the last thing they want to deal with when something unplanned like an endorsement typically is.

For the agent, you’re not really closing new business (although the motions are similar) but servicing an existing client. A seamless experience for both parties, however, can only strengthen the relationship. You really are able to meet your customer where they are if you can handle endorsements in a quick and painless process.  Leaving with a positive experience will only set agents for an even more positive renewals experience down the line.

That’s why you want to avoid all the busy work:

  • Figuring out how insureds want pay
  • Sending additional paperwork back and forth that everyone has to sign
  • Following up on outstanding payments

Ascend’s endorsements feature changes how agents handle endorsements. Turn these one offs into a simple one-click process.

With Ascend:

  • An endorsement checkout link is created in seconds, with both premium financing and pay-in-full options
  • Ascend combines all future payments (endorsement and base premium) together and allows insured to turn on monthly autopay
  • No additional paperwork - just create the link and send it out