Ascend x HawkSoft Integration

As of today, HawkSoft and Ascend's two-way integration is now live! After downloading Ascend from the marketplace and following these steps, HawkSoft users will automatically receive a log notification with an Ascend payment link when they complete quoting a policy for their customers.

We've continued to see a lot of interest from agents to deepen the connections between Ascend and their management systems and this is another step towards a fully integrated tech stack for owners to decide the best tools for their agencies as well as create the best workflows that meet both agency and client needs.

"The HawkSoft and Ascend integration makes my workflow even more efficient. I'm able to now utilize HawkSoft all the way from quoting to payments while also leveraging Ascend's premium financing and pay in full solution all within my management system. I'm able to save countless hours and provide my clients a simple way to decide how they want to pay for their policies," said Melissa Ems, Owner of Melissa Ems Insurance Agency.

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