Ascend Selected by Founder Shield to Automate Financial Operations Process to Improve Customer Experience, Broker Efficiency

San Francisco, CA - October 4, 2023 - Ascend, the leading financial operations automation platform, has been chosen by Millennial SpecialtyInsurance, LLC, an indirect subsidiary of BRP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRP), dba Founder Shield (“Founder Shield”), to modernize their agency bill workflows. Ascend will streamline the invoicing, premium financing, and carrier payables process for Founder Shield, increasing productivity and efficiency as well as improving the customer payment experience.

With Ascend's industry-first automation platform, Founder Shield has a technology partner that is an end-to-end solution for agency bill premiums that eliminates the labor-intensive burdens associated with every transaction where premiums are collected by Founder Shield.

"With Ascend, we’re able to maximize the speed and efficiency at which we run our business," said Carl Niedbala, Managing Partner ofFounder Shield. "We’ve seen improvements across the board in terms of customer and team satisfaction, cash flow, and operational costs.”

Ascend is a financial operations automation platform that streamlines all Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable-related tasks in the agency bill workflow. From digital invoicing to premium financing to carrier payables,Ascend seamlessly handles all the time-intensive and operationally expensive activities associated with the movement of premium and commissions through an agency. This increased efficiency empowers agencies to be more profitable with this reduction in back-office expenses, all while providing real-time transparency for agencies to provide the best in class customer service.  

“We’re honored to be selected by Founder Shield as their agency bill operations solution,” stated Andrew Wynn, Co-CEO of Ascend. “It’s validation to our team that companies are seeing real world results when choosing us to simplify and modernize their agency bill workflows.”

About Ascend 

Ascend is the industry-leading provider of financial operations automation software, dedicated to modernizing the insurance industry's financial infrastructure. Ascend is the only solution designed to enhance agency management systems by streamlining the insurance life cycle for agency bill processes. By eliminating manual back office accounting tasks, improving cash collection cycles, and providing a best-in-class customer experience,Ascend significantly increases the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of agencies and brokerages. To learn more about how Ascend can transform your business, please visit

About Founder Shield

Founder Shield is a risk management partner for rapidly evolving, high-growth companies with a mission to create the most seamless, intuitive, and responsive experience for purchasing and administering insurance for your company. For more information on how Founder Shield engineers risk management, please visit



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