Make agency bill as easy
as direct bill

Whether you’re a broker, MGA, or carrier - Ascend simplifies how you currently
deal with payments by reducing the operational burdens experienced by all.


Stop dealing with checks and give your customers a modern checkout experience.

Online checkout

Email or text a single checkout link with ACH, Credit/Debit Card, and Wire payment options.

Branded experience

No more third party payment portals - own your entire customer experience.


Manage all your endorsements in one place, using the same easy to use checkout flow.


Process refunds directly back to your customers with a click of a button.

Premium financing

Offer customers premium financing options without any of the back and forth paperwork.

Integrated Checkout

Built right into checkout, let your customers decide how they want to pay: pay in full or financed.

e-Sign financing Agreements

Customers can easily sign the premium finance agreement (PFA) with a click of a button.

Customizable take rates

Grow your agency’s revenue with customized take-rates based on premium size.

Personalized reminders

Automatic notifications to ensure your customers pay on time.


Built to make accounting the easiest part of running your agency.

Automated carrier payables

Simplify your payables process by automatically splitting commissions from your payables.

Instant agency payouts

Improve cash flow by receiving your trust payments and/or commissions within 24 hours of payments clearing.

Account reporting

Make reconciliation as easy as 1-2-3 by knowing the exact status of all your payables.


Full control of how you want to build your tech stack - with your existing external tools of internally built systems.

AMS integrations

Keep your existing processes with integrations into your agent management systems

Open APIs

Integrate directly with our APIs to build solutions that work best for your existing workflows

Increase revenue

Faster sale cycles, increased profit from financed policies, and higher conversion rates by offering payment flexibility.

Eliminate waste

No longer deal with the inefficient processes to offer premium financing to customers.

Best customer experience

No more third party payment portals - own your customer journey from end to end.

Simplify payables

Run an agency, not a billing center. Make reconciliation and payables the easiest part of your business.